Citizens beyond borders

Citizens beyond borders,

This is a collective petition from European citizens to their respective national governments and the European Parliament regarding the so-called Immigration Crisis.  Please familiarise yourself with the text (under the form) and sign.


Power over which citizens have no control and which disregards the wishes of the majority is not democratic.  It is by definition totalitarian.

As a citizen, a voter and a tax payer I expect the standards of a mature democracy from those who represent me in my national government and in the European Union administration.  I also demand respect; I will not be treated as powerless and uninformed by those I myself elected to protect the interests of my nation and state.

Democracy and respect for democratic rights are the only guarantees of Human Rights.  However, a situation has now arisen, created by European powers, in which my own government and the European Parliament treat me like a slave, disregarding my rights and threatening the human rights of all European citizens. 

To this I say – enough.

  • I do not agree to bear the costs, economic and social, of this suicidal pseudo-humanitarian action.

No state has been created as a charity.  A state exists to provide safety for its citizens and a future for its children.

I refuse to take part in an irresponsible social experiment across an entire continent, which is stirring up nationalism and ruining European culture.

I will not be a guinea pig: I will not have assimilation with Islam tested on me.  Many followers of Islam openly refuse assimilation and attempt to introduce Sharia law in the societies which have accepted them.

One can only lose in a confrontation with Islam, as was the case with the European Crusades between the 11th and 13th Centuries, or win, as was the case of the Polish victory at the Battle of Vienna.

  • I am against my country accepting Muslim economic migrants – particularly those arriving on false papers and asking for asylum in bad faith.
  • I am against the police hiding information and the media lying to citizens on government orders using the techniques of political correctness.
  • I am against importing to my country ethnic tensions we do not understand, or limiting free expression and the natural development of my own culture.

I do not agree to adopt half of the world just because the bankers have this vision.

  • Those in need should be helped where they are.  Economic migration will not solve their problems; it will only change their location and forms

Supporting a single genuine refugee in Lebanon costs 36 Euros per month.

The cost of keeping a pseudo-refugee in my country means money from my pocket and limiting genuine humanitarian help.
For the money it costs to support each new arrival in my country between twenty and forty people whose lives are genuinely threatened could be helped in the Middle East
Not only has the most expensive way been chosen, but also one which fuels illegal immigration.

I demand honest, clear information and decision making which takes under account the interests of my nation and state.

I do not agree to the European Union becoming a totalitarian super-state.  I demand the right of national parliaments to reject the laws of the union.

This announcement has been created in Poland, which has a thousand years old tradition in accepting cultures, nations and religions from the entire Europe and Central Asia.  Poland also has the longest democratic tradition in Europe, the second oldest democratic Constitution in the world and was one of the first countries in the world to offer women voting rights.

Poland also has cruel experiences with both German and Russian versions of totalitarianism.  During those tragic Times Polish citizens had a tradition which allowed them to express their solidarity, hope and fact that they will never surrender.

They lit candles in their windows.

Europe has forgotten its own identity – it has thrown away its own history and its own light is now being dimmed.  This is why by signing this petition you are lighting a candle in the window.

You are doing it to demonstrate to other citizens of this continent how much you appreciate the values of Western, European culture – our common heritage.
You are also doing it to make others realise that there are thousands, millions of us, European citizens.  Those who pay taxes and demand constructive action in solidarity. 
Enough!  Each Continent had its own history, philosophy and rationale.  Europe for the last thousand years has been both Christian and secular and the vast majority of Europeans want to continue live in freedom which both of these traditions guarantee.

Europe is a home to Europeans.  We are the hosts and we want it to remain this way.